how to create dhcp server in windows 7

How to create dhcp server in windows 7

Today we are going to share with all of you that how to create and configure DHCP server on Window 7,8,10 operating system.


Please following to configure DHCP server on Window client system.

Step1: Double click on setup, then click next

Step2: Select Network adapter which is used to release IP address for their client and then select Next.

Step3: Select HTTP web Server to view client connection 

Step4: Click on Next

Step5: Configure IP-Pool, lease duration, trace and so on, then click Next

Step6: Click on Write INI file 

Step7: Click on Next

Step8: Click on Admin and then Ok

Step9: Click on Install, start and then click on configure

Step10: Check mark on Run DHCP server immediately and click ok, and Next

Now you have configured successfully!!!!

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