How to port forwarding in Mikrotik Router

How to port forwarding in Mikrotik Router

Today we will learn that how to configure port forwarding in Mikrotik Router via winbox. This is most important feature which require every body in organization because we want to remotely access our Camera, RDP, Telnet, www and another port according to our need. so in this post we will share with all of you that how much easy this to configure port forwarding in Mikrotik Router and it's cheapest way.

Please follow below step by step to configure port forwarding in Mikrotik Router:

Step 1: Click on IP and then Firewall. New window will be appear on you display as you see below.
             Click on Plus (+) sign.

Step 2: Drop down of chain in which you have to select dstnat > Put WAN static IP such as in Dst. Address (Destination IP address) > Click on Protocol and select TCP/UDP according to your requirement > then Put Dst. Port (Destination Port Number) > Then Click on Action Tab.

Step 3: Drop down Action and select Dstnat > Put Local IP Address in To Addressed (Put here your remote system's local IP address which you require to access from outside such as if you have to take RDP of any system so put here system IP address)  > Then put port number in To Ports (Put here that port number which you require) > and then click on Apply and OK.

Finally you see your NAT configuration in NAT tab as we have been shown here in below image. Please wait for some time because it's take some time to update their services.

Important :- 

Above rule work make connection between Router to Lan whereas we require WAN to Router connection  from remote access so create Firewall Rule which make connection between Wan to Router.

Click on IP, then Firewall, then Filter Rules > Click the + to add a new rule > Change Chain to input > Change Protocol to tcp > Change Dst. Port to 8291 > Click on the Action tab and make sure Action is set to accept > Click Comment and name it something like “winbox” > Click OK.

Note:-Your new Filter Rule will be at the bottom of the list.  Drag it up above the last “drop” rule from the default configuration.
Filter Rules are matched in order. They start at the top and work through each one.  If your new rule is AFTER the “drop” rule, it will not work.

Hope this will help to all of you and resolved your all query if you have any query or question so you may ask and send email on our email account ( or leave comment on page.



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